Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Fashion Highlight #3 : Spring 2011 Trends for Girls

Baby Fashion

For spring 2011, the trends for girls will include :-

  1. soft pastel colours like pinks, blues, greens and yellows.
  2. Neons and metallics are also expected.
  3. eco-friendly natural fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton and other similar fabrics.
  4. 80's rocker feel, funky designs with neon colours and graffiti effect.
  5. frilly items such as bubble skirts, twirl skirts and even tutus.
  6. skirts, shorts, pants, dresses and shirts witth girly elements like ruffles & flowing fabrics.
  7. Leggings!
  8. Victorian style. Dresses, shirts and skirts with lace.

Thanks to Ezine Articles : What Are the Spring Trends in Girls Clothing? By Lucy Tomkins for this great information on spring 2011 trends.

Baby Fashion Spotted : Suri Cruise in a Pink Tutu

Special Thanks to for this photo

Baby Fashion

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