Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Fashion Highlight #2 : Moo G Clips

Baby Fashion  

Your baby daughter only has a few wisps of hair? She's often mistaken for a boy? Well, fret no more. Just snap a cute little Moo G Clip on her hair and voila! no one will ever thought of her as a boy anymore!

Taken from Moo G Clips Website :

At Moo G Clips we have hair clips for your babies, little girls, big girls, and even you too! With our amazing no-slip grip that truly works and snap clips of all sizes that stay in place, it doesn't matter if your baby has a head of hair or just a few wisps. With hundreds of clips to choose from, as well as custom ordering at no extra charge, Moo G serves all your hair clip needs!
Moo G-the clip that doesn't slip!
Baby Fashion Spotted : Jessica Alba's Daughter, Honor Marie with her Moo G Clip.

Special Thanks to www.justjared.com & Moo G Clips for this photo.

Baby Fashion

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