Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Fashion Highlight #2 : Moo G Clips

Baby Fashion  

Your baby daughter only has a few wisps of hair? She's often mistaken for a boy? Well, fret no more. Just snap a cute little Moo G Clip on her hair and voila! no one will ever thought of her as a boy anymore!

Taken from Moo G Clips Website :

At Moo G Clips we have hair clips for your babies, little girls, big girls, and even you too! With our amazing no-slip grip that truly works and snap clips of all sizes that stay in place, it doesn't matter if your baby has a head of hair or just a few wisps. With hundreds of clips to choose from, as well as custom ordering at no extra charge, Moo G serves all your hair clip needs!
Moo G-the clip that doesn't slip!
Baby Fashion Spotted : Jessica Alba's Daughter, Honor Marie with her Moo G Clip.

Special Thanks to www.justjared.com & Moo G Clips for this photo.

Baby Fashion

Baby Fashion Highlight #1 : Milk & Honey Shoes

Baby Fashion

When it comes to shoes - women especially - we have to admit that it's really hard to find a perfect pair. But then again, what is it with women and shoes? Just like handbags, seems like they never have enough of it.

Good news! Women can now design their own shoes, thanks to Milk & Honey Shoes. Not only can they design their own shoes, they can also design shoes for their teenage daughter! Too bad Milk and Honey does not offer sizes below 35. Otherwise, women can also design shoes for their babies and thus updating the trends on baby fashion.

Baby Fashion Spotted : Ginnifer Goodwin at the Prada party, Los Angeles wearing a Milk & Honey shoes.

Special Thanks to Getty Images & TheLookbook for this photo.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Head on to Milk & Honey Shoes and unleash your inner Jimmy Choo.

Baby Fashion